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For all grade levels

  • All supplies are needed throughout the year.
  • If lost, destroyed, or used up, please replace them.
  • Some of these supplies will be collected by teachers the first week of school and used as needed.

6th Grade Supplies

Personal Earbuds
Pencil pouch or box
1 Pkg. of ink pens (any colors)
4 Pkgs. of #2 Pencils (min. 10 per pkg.) (Mechanical is fine)
3 Large boxes of tissues
3-(2 Pocket) folders with prongs
3 Highlighters (1-green, 1-yellow, 1-pink)
2 spiral notebooks
1 Pkg. Colored (Pencils any count)
1 Pkg Markers (any count)
1 pair of scissors
4 sharpies
Backpack–no lockers this year

7th Grade Supplies

Personal Earbuds for use with computers
1 pair of scissors
4 doz. #2 pencils
2 Pkg. of Loose-leaf notebook paper
3 Large boxes of tissues
1 pencil pouch”
4 Glue sticks
3-1-inch, three-ring binder with pockets on inside
3 Spiral notebooks (LA & Literacy)-single subject
5 Folders with 2 pockets and three-hole punched
2 pkg. highlighters (Green, Yellow, Pink)
1 bottle white glue
1 pkg colored pencils 24 ct
1 pkg crayons
4 Sharpies
1 pkg colored markers
Backpack–no lockers this year

8th Grade Supplies

1 package of pens (blue or black ink only)
1 pair of scissors
1 packages highlighters (green, pink, yellow)
1 packages of colored pencils
1 packages of markers
3 boxes tissues
3, 2-pocket folders
2 boxes of 24 pencils
2 composition notebooks
5 packages of loose-leaf paper
Basic calculator
Soft pencil case
2-Personal earbuds
4 Sharpies
Backpack–no lockers this year

Ongie Spec Ed Class Only

4 spiral notebooks
4 folders ( 2 pocket with prongs)
ruler (inches and cm)
markers or colored pencils
glue (stick or bottle)
2 boxes of Kleenex
1 container or Clorox wipes
1 box of pencils
1 eraser
Personal Earbuds
Backpack–no lockers this year

Choir Student (6th, 7th and 8th Grade)

1″ or 1 1/2″ 3-Ring Binder, any color or pattern, with pockets inside the front and back cover.

Music/Vocal Students (6th, 7th and 8th grade)

1″ or 1 ½” 3 ring binder (any color or pattern) with pockets inside the front and back cover