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Students in the Wilson band program advance their music skills, make friends, and become responsible people by practicing, paying attention, attending lessons, and helping each other. Our goal is to be musicians who take pride in what we do and better appreciate music later on in life.

There are six bands at Wilson, two for each grade level. The bands meet twice per week and every other Friday during the school day and are a part of the class schedule. Students will earn a grade on their report card for their participation in band and the band’s performances. In addition, each student will have a small group lesson once a week.


Small-group lessons are given weekly to all band students. Lessons meet once a week for 15 minutes. Because lessons are taught in smaller groups than band class we can individualize the instruction needed and focus on the unique needs and personal goals of each student. The technique lessons are required and make up a part of the student’s grade. Lessons may be excused if the student cannot miss classroom activities. Lessons can be made up at various times offered throughout each semester. Home practice helps make it possible to play a musical instrument well.

Home practice

All band members should practice regularly at home to ensure progress. It is not possible to perform well with good tone quality, accurate pitches and rhythms, correct articulation, dynamic control, and style without home practice. The greatest benefit of home practice is building self-confidence and gaining pride in one’s performance.

The practice time suggested for all band members is 100 minutes every week (20-30 minutes daily). Practicing all 100 minutes during the weekend may result in sloppy habits and lack of accomplishments.

Quality practice time is much better than quantity of practice time; therefore, the band members will be graded on what is accomplished (performance) not how much they practice.


Band is a performance activity and students are required to attend the concerts for their respective band. The assessment of a student in a performance-based group is different from that in an academic class. A test in an academic class may be made up at another time. A concert must be performed at the scheduled time.
How do I get an instrument?
Don’t worry if you don’t have a band instrument. Many students rent an instrument from local music stores. We have some instruments available at school for a yearly fee. Ask your family members; maybe someone played an instrument and isn’t using it now. Getting an instrument shouldn’t stop you from trying band if you really want to participate.

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